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Revo GR-S

Built To Be Unbeatable

Get ready to conquer the roads or the hills or wherever else your journey takes you. The adventurer inside you will be glad you chose a worthy companion.


Revo GR-S

Built To Be Unbeatable

Get ready to conquer the roads or the hills or wherever else your journey takes you. The adventurer inside you will be glad you chose a worthy companion.



Built to be adventurous

Test your limits for adventure and experience a thrill like never before with the new Revo GR-S. Soar across every hillside, splash through muddy terrains, and race down bumpy trails with confidence. Its new front grille honey-comb structure is designed to stand-out and endure maximum impact so you can venture into the unknown with ultimate reassurance.

Outside Rear View Mirror
New Premium Front Grille
New Fog Lamp Cover Design
Daytime Running Lamps & Smart LED Headlamps
Over Fender Molding
Red GR Brake Callipers
GR Badge
GR-S 18-Inch Alloy Rims
New Sports Bar


Built To Feel Sporty

The interior of Revo GR-S is designed with the finest combination of leather and suede, engraved with GR-S emblems and aesthetic red accents, giving a unique mix of sporty and premium feel.


Built To Be Unstoppable

Powered with the best engine, Revo GR-S is built to ensure unmatchable performance across the toughest terrains. Personified with dynamic force, the major focus of this vehicle is its fuel system and torque. Now accelerate into each quest with fewer vibrations, muffled harshness and limitless power.

New Generation 2.8-Litre Diesel Engine (IGD-FTV)
Advance Monotube Shock Absorbers
Red GR Brake Callipers
Paddle Shifters & Cruise Control


Built for unforgettable adventure

The Revo GR-S offers holistic 4×4 functionality and a durable body-on-frame platform to produce the perfect mix of unbridled power with revolutionary agility to conquer the unknown.

Active Traction
Control (A-TRC)

When off road or driving in slippery conditions, the Active Traction Control (A-TRC) provides assistance when wheel slippage is detected, helping you accelerate safely and efficiently in slippery conditions.

Downhill Assist Control (DAC)

Downhill Assist Control (DAC) brakes individual wheels to maintain control and provides a safe rate of descent without any driver intervention required. It prevents the wheels from locking by managing engine braking and brake pressure, ensuring a stall-free vehicle.

Hill-Start Assist
Control (HAC)

The Hill-assist control (HAC) feature automatically retains the pressure in the braking system, ensuring that you don’t roll back unwillingly. It provides greater control and protection when dealing with sharp inclines.

Rear Differential Lock

The Rear Differential Lock system, once engaged, ensures both the wheels spin at the same rate, and provides unequal torque to each tyre on the axle to reduce the risk of losing traction or spinning out. This is particularly helpful in muddy terrain to provide stronger grip and control.

4WD Drivetrain

Part-time 4WD allows the driver to turn on 4WD only when needed. On regular driving surfaces without the 4WD engaged, it works like a rear-driven 2WD vehicle, allowing for greater fuel efficiency. However, it can easily be switched to 4WD or 4WD low when sensing a slip in the wheels in the rain, sand, or mud.

Trailer Sway Control (TSC)

Trailer Sway Control (TSC) ensures that you and your trailer remain safe by minimising lateral movement from road surface changes and cross winds. Tow away with complete peace of mind.

Limited Slip
Differential (LSD)

A limited slip differential (LSD) keeps power going to a drive wheel that has traction, this ensures that you can traverse mud and other soft surfaces with ease. It also provides better control during extreme corners


Built To be invincible

Equipped with advanced safety system, Revo GR-S assures you are protected on whatever journey you take. The body-on-frame impact-absorbing structure has the ability to keep all occupants secure, giving you complete peace of mind at all times.

  • Seatbelts

    3-Point ELR Front Seatbelts with pretensioner and force limiter

    3-Point ELR rear seatbelts

    Front seatbelt reminder

  • Immobilizer with Alarm

    Immobiliser system with security alarm

    Immobilizer with Alarm
  • SRS Airbags

    SRS front driver and passenger airbags.

    SRS driver knee airbag.

    Front passenger airbag should only be deactivated when using a child restraint system on the front passenger seat.

    SRS Airbags
  • ABS with EDB and BA

    The Anti-lock braking system (ABS) allows for continued tyre rotation under extreme braking conditions. Brake Assist (BA) applies additional braking force to reduce the braking distance. Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) helps shift weight under hard braking, reducing pressure on the wheels that carry the least amounts of weight – this helps ensure you and your vehicle always stay in control.

    ABS with EDB and BA
  • Emergency Brake Signal (EBS)
    Emergency Brake Signal (EBS)
  • Speed Sensing Door Locks
    Speed Sensing Door Locks
  • Drive Start Control (DSC)

    The Drive Start Control prevents acceleration when the vehicle is switched to the wrong gear, helping avoid collisions.

    Drive Start Control (DSC)
  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

    The Vehicle Stability Control keeps the vehicle pointing up on slippery surfaces by braking each individual tyre, where necessary

    Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
  • Refined Suspension and Cabin Mounts
    Refined Suspension and Cabin Mounts
  • ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors

    Equipped with internationally approved Isofix standard for child seat.

    ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors
  • Impact Absorbing Structures

    The tough and rugged frame suppresses deformation of the side rails and cross members, while the body shell helps disperse impact energy in the event of a collision.

    Impact Absorbing Structures


Revo variants

Welcome to a dimension of prestige, previously unknown. A reflection of an opulent reality, now unveiling itself. It’s time to start exploring.
Terms & Conditions

  • Free one Year Pre-paid maintenance package for TSURE vehicles acquired through Financing Facility
  • 7 days Return Guarantee to be offered by the Authorized Dealership as per their terms and conditions for cars acquired through this campaign
  • **The Customers will have the option to avail up to 30% Residual Value Financing for locally assembled Corolla, Yaris & Fortuner where vehicle is not older than 3 years
  • ***Early termination profit will be 50% waiver for existing MBL customer after completion of one year Car Ijarah period whereas it will be 100% waived after completion of two years lease.
  • **The Discounted package consists of our 4th year Comprehensive package that provides all the coverage that is provided in built in warranty. It is only sold to Yaris and Corolla vehicles and is sold at a discounted price of PKR 10,000.

Please note: This package can only be sold to cars that are within the 3 years standard built in warranty period. This package will be added to vehicle’s price, and its payment will be made by customer to MBL.