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Technical Division

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This strong belief has allowed us to commit resources towards upliftment of education in our country, especially to those for whom education is unaffordable. Over the years, IMC has provides benefits to over 30 educational institutions and helps educational activities in general by building schools and by launching scholarships for meritorious students.


Apart from this, IMC also provides regular financial assistance to a number of educational institutions, ranging from garage schools to postgraduate universities.

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During this time we have integrated ourselves into the very fabric of this land, and we hold it as a duty to sustain the environment and the people amongst whom we are working.

This is why IMC is at the forefront, actively engaged in providing assistance whenever the country has faced a humanitarian emergency or natural calamity. We have made it a priority to support victims at the time of their distress by providing necessary support

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We are committed to caring for and enriching society, which is why we are driven to respond whenever humanitarian emergencies or natural calamities have disrupted the customary social order.

Not just for any emergency or natural calamity in Pakistan, but IMC is actively involved in providing support for the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan together in March 2011.

Concern Beyond Cars

At Toyota Pakistan, we believe that sustainability is a solution to our modern-day problems, and it is an integral pillar in all our operations and philosophies. In our business activities, we are mindful of the ecological effects of our actions, and ensure that sustainability is part of our daily practice.

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IMC takes a keen and active interest in the welfare of the communities that are in the immediate vicinity of its plant and facilities, as we see these communities as our neighbors. It has adopted several villages around its manufacturing unit at Port Qasim.

Through integrating various social uplift programs, the company aims at meeting basic needs in three broad areas – Health (a healing touch), Education (igniting minds) and Livelihoods (infusing self-dependence). Our involvement becomes all the more necessary since a large part of these settlements are comprised of underprivileged people.

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IMC is involved in working to uplift these communities and to bring betterment and greater opportunity to the future generations in these circles, with activities that range from distribution of food, provision of medical facilities to long-term opportunities and channeling of youth through development and sports initiatives.

The car’s battery is what supplies energy to the starter motor, electrical & ignition system.

The Toyota Genuine Battery is specifically designed for all Toyota vehicles to suit Pakistan’s extreme weather conditions. Its unique formulation of active materials helps reduce terminal corrosion, water consumption and self-discharge. This quality product from Toyota has prolonged lifespan (higher reserve capacity) and superior power (higher ampere hours) to keep your Toyota vehicle functioning.

They are designed to:

  • Start the engine of your car
  • To act like a filter to stabilize the fluctuating Direct Current (DC) voltage from your car’s charging system.
  • To provide extra power for lightning, two-way radios, audio system and other accessories when the car engine is idling.
  • To provide back-up power to the electrical system when the charging system is not operating, especially when you are driving at night or in a bad weather condition.

Visit your nearest Toyota dealership to get your car inspected regularly (3 months or 5,000 km, whichever comes first) for optimal performance of your car.


Injector Cleaner


Suspension Fluid


Toyota Genuine Long Life Coolant


Toyota Genuine Brake Fluid


Toyota Genuine Gear Oil


Automatic Transmission Fluid

Revo Rocco

Power that Moves You

Revo Rocco is about way more than just a car. It’s about you and your power move. It’s about unleashing your freedom and command. It’s about challenging and recharging yourself. It’s about your determination to make the move that you have always wanted to.

Terms & Conditions

  • Free one Year Pre-paid maintenance package for TSURE vehicles acquired through Financing Facility
  • 7 days Return Guarantee to be offered by the Authorized Dealership as per their terms and conditions for cars acquired through this campaign
  • **The Customers will have the option to avail up to 30% Residual Value Financing for locally assembled Corolla, Yaris & Fortuner where vehicle is not older than 3 years
  • ***Early termination profit will be 50% waiver for existing MBL customer after completion of one year Car Ijarah period whereas it will be 100% waived after completion of two years lease.
  • **The Discounted package consists of our 4th year Comprehensive package that provides all the coverage that is provided in built in warranty. It is only sold to Yaris and Corolla vehicles and is sold at a discounted price of PKR 10,000.

Please note: This package can only be sold to cars that are within the 3 years standard built in warranty period. This package will be added to vehicle’s price, and its payment will be made by customer to MBL.